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Hi. I'm Juncheng Yang.

I am a master student studying computer science at Emory University (CocaCola University :)). I work under the guidance of Prof. Ymir Vigfusson on smart cache. Before this, I obtained my bachelor degree from Nanjing University.

Learn about what I do

Born in China, Live @ Atlanta. Here's all the stuff I do.

Computer Science, Chemistry and Photography.

Computer Science

I have very strong interests in computer science,. My interests include 1. systems and databases, 2. blockchain and fintech. 3. information retrieval and web crawlers (old interests). And my current research focus is on building smart cache in storage systems and distributed systems.


I like to travel and take photos, sometimes I make post cards for the places I visit. I have been to China, US, Iceland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland. I am excited to explore more places.

Check Here for some good photos.


I took Chemistry as my major during undergraduate study, which gives me the chance to better understand the microscopic version of the world, the society and my life. Now I am trying to build the connection between chemistry and computer science to make chemical research easier and more efficient.

Here’s some work I have been focused on recently.

My current focus is on computer science, especially computer systems.


A history-based prefetching layer allows proactive caching.
SoCC'17 Santa Clara


Enabling elasticity in storage system.
SYSTOR'16 (Best Student Paper)

Secure Skyline Query

Proposed a fully secure protocol for skyline query in cloud computing.
ICDE'17 San Diego

Skyline Diagram

Proposed Skyline Diagram for efficient skyline query.
Submitted to ICDE


Balancing database cost and latency in the cloud.
going to submit to VLDB

Atlanta Explorer

Extracting information for building historical 3D Atlanta model.


Eight papers published in Chemistry and three (increasing) in computer science, see here.


Click to download my CV (Looking for Ph.D. Position in Computer Science.)

I have several hobbies, except talking :( but I am improving :).

Programming, Photography, Traveling, Eating and Cooking, Badminton, Playing Cards.


Programming is fun, especially when you use it to try out new ideas.

Photography and Traveling

I like beautiful photos, when I was young, I gathered good photos from others, but now I produce by myself.
Check Here for some good photos


This is one of my best sports. I was a member of the department team during undergraduate.

Eating and Cooking

Eating is one of the most important things in everyday life, no one can escape it, so why not enjoy it like me? Maybe inheriting from my chemical skills, I am also very interested in cooking.

Playing Board Game

When getting together with friends, one of our favorite activities is playing cards, military chess and all kinds of board games.

Next? Flying!

Learning to fly a jet has always been one of my dreams, so that's my next target.